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Main Services

  • Course and Exam at Your Own Location, 

  • Appointment at Best Time For You, 

  • Free Study Materials (Saves $70)

  • Evening & Weekend Classes Available

  • Same Day Certification

  • Group Discounts Available

Bonus Services

  • Hands-on Training Upon Request

  • Organizational Consultancy Services

  • Alcohol Safety Training (Online Only)

  • Allergen Control Training (Online Only)

  • Food Handler Training (Online or In-Person)

Additional Materials (for Purchase)

  • ServSafe Manager Book

  • Body Fluid Cleaning Kit

  • First-Aid Kit

  • Sanitizing Solution Test Strips

  • Cooking Thermometers

  • Freezer & Refrigerator Thermometers

  • Safety Data Sheets & S.O.P.s

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About Us

Food Safety Training and Exam Proctor

Growing up in the third world, our founder witnessed and experienced suffering from food-borne diseases.  Upon completion of his BS in Biology and Chemistry, he decided to go for a Laboratory Technologist Course to learn Microbiology and Parasitology.  Mr. Dey then worked for the Diplomatic Mission as the Chief of Laboratory and was trained to become a ServSafe Certified Food Safety Instructor and Proctor.  In 2012 he received the "Charles Robinson" Award from the U.S. Dept of State for his contribution to Food Safety.

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Why ServeSafe?

ServSafe is ANSI accredited certification 

agency.  Every food service facility

must have a trained and certified

Person In Charge during the present during operation.

Our proctor have 20 years of experience in Food Safety Education

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